About Us


BACKSTAGE AND MAGLINER FILM CARTS UK is a division of Lomart Ltd of London. We supply the film, audio/video and photography industries in the UK, Ireland and right across EUROPE from our head office and warehouses in London.

We carry a large stock of Backstage Stage Carts as well as Backstage Magliner Cart conversions. Also in stock are most of the popular accessories and attachments.

Our full core range includes pallet trucks, stackers, sack trucks, scissor tables and a selection of other materials handling equipment such as hydraulic and mechanical jacks, industrial shifting skates and various chain hoists.

If you need to lift, lower or move something - we have the machine for you. For more information, please visit our parent website: www.liftmate.co.uk.

For information on our full range of pallet trucks please visit www.liftmate.co.uk.