Magliner FAQ

1. What is the difference between a Magliner Mini, Magliner Junior and a Magliner Senior?
a. The Magliner Senior’s frame is 55 1/2” long versus the Magliner Junior’s frame at 42 3/4” and the Magliner’s Mini frame at 32 1/4”. The longer the frame, the bigger the shelf you can use. You may use 24 or 18 inch wide shelves on the Magliner Junior and Senior. The Magliner Mini is only available with 18 inch wide shelves and a special 19 inch wide bottom shelf to be used with a Mac Pro/G5 computer tower.
b. The Magliner Senior (Stock) uses a loading handle located beneath the frame, instead of the Magliner Junior’s two push handles.
Note: The loading handle on the Magliner Senior (Stock) can only be used in the upright position, since it is located underneath the frame. There are no handles to push from when cart is in the 4-wheel mode.
The Magliner Senior (Stock) and Magliner Junior (Stock) carts use the same locking latch system to change the cart from upright mode to 4-wheels. They also have the same weight capacity and share all other parts such as axles, wheels, nose, and toe plate. Magliner Mini is not available in the stock version.

2. What is the difference between a Standard Magliner and a Modified Backstage Magliner?
The standard Magliner models are not altered in any way. These models are designed for delivery drivers or for use in store rooms. These carts are great if you work for FedEx or UPS and use them to carry boxes from point A to point B.
If, however, you are going to start using your cart as a work station and to transport expensive equipment such as cameras, video or sound gear over rough terrain, grass or cables, then the cart needs to be reinforced and adapted to these needs.

The Magliner Modified version contains the following modifications/alterations.
a. Nose is reinforced with additional rivets to allow the use of multiple shelves and accessories.
b. Standard 5” wheels are replaced with the Backstage 8” Wheel Conversion Kit. (pneumatics with brakes)
c. Magliner’s original folding system is replaced with a Backstage compatible design.
d. Axle is bored from 1/8” to 3/16” diameter and wheel cotter pins are replaced with safety quick release pins.
e. Frame, Nose and U-Handle Bar are pre-drilled to allow user to adapt any of our accessories at a later time.
f. Magliner Senior’s U-Handle Bar is outfitted with push handles and the U-Handle Bar is shortened.

3. Are all accessories compatible between the Stock and Modified versions?
No, most accessories will work only with the modified versions. See product requirements.

4. Can the Magliner still be folded after it has been modified?
Yes, we have built a system so you can still fold your cart in the upright position.

5. How do you fold the modified Magliner?
You must first loosen up the prongs that connect the U-Handle to the 8” Wheel Conversion Kit, put your cart in the upright position, insert and slide the U-Handle underneath the cart where it connects to a receiver attached to the bottom of the 8” Wheel Conversion Kit, lock in place with prongs.
Note: Narrow and Mini Wheel Conversion Kits do not have receivers underneath the cart due to their narrow size.

6. I already own a Stock Magliner, can it be modified or do I have to buy a whole new cart?
No, you can modify your existing cart or we can do it for you. We also repair and service Magliners.

7. Can I buy replacement parts for my Magliner such as tires, tubes, bearings, etc?
Yes, we are about the only retail store that keeps Magliner parts in inventory at all times.

8. I live outside of the UK, can you ship to an international destination?
Yes, we sell a large number of products worldwide. Please contact us for a shipping quote.
9. How can I pay for a Magliner from abroad?
We accept payments by bank transfer, debit and credit cards as well as via PayPal.
10. Can you take care of the shipping or do I have to arrange it?
We can take care of it. As soon as you give us the list of items you need, we will get a quote from a shipping agent and forward it to you. We can ship to your location (door-to-door) or you can save some money if we ship it to your local international airport and you pick it up (door-to-airport). We also have stockists and re-sellers in most countries or at least regions covering a number of countries. Please send us an email if you would like to know who your local distributor is.
Note: You will be responsible for all local custom fees, import fees and local taxes if applicable.